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To be sure not to miss anything, and not to depend on social network algorithms, the best is that you can have direct access to the info. However, it is not always easy to think of going to see all the interesting sites one by one …

Do not miss the exclusive infos…

I’ve planned to create regularly new articles but also more complete documents, on various subjects, such as :

  • Understand how audio equipments works
  • Understand the sound chain and correctly set the various equipments (from sound source to the ear)
  • Design a Sound-system from A to Z
  • Repair yourself your equipment and make it last longer !
  • Many other subjects that could maybe interest you … (see below)

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If we reach a small number, I plan to create a group so that we can exchange on more specific questions. As soon as this group is made, I will send you the link by email!

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