I got tired of it…

I’ve been a sound-system enthusiast since I was 15 years old. I went to a lot of sound dub / reggae parties, but at some point I got a bit fed up ….

I got tired of always hearing sound systems that couldn’t reproduce the very low frequencies of certain songs.

It’s easy to reproduce frequencies of 40 or 50 Hz that make your chest shake! Sending power at 30 Hz or below, which takes the whole body, is something else …

It’s crazy to think that you feel a deeper sensation with a bass drum hit in a live concert than on a large sound system and huge boxes dedicated to the reproduction of these infra-basses!

However, this is the reality, and it pushed me to look for solutions to remedy it, and so I focused the design of my latest sound system on the reproduction of these very low frequencies…

Recently, I came across a very interesting study that confirmed what we enthusiasts intuitively know…

The scientific study

The study in question was conducted by researchers at the University of Stirling in Scotland. They conducted an experiment in which a group of people were asked to listen to music with and without the presence of sub-bass.

In fact they organised a concert using Very Low Frequencies (VLF) speakers, emitting sounds from 8 to 37 Hz.

Over a period of 55 minutes, the speakers were switched on and off every 2.5 minutes. Approximately 40 spectators were fitted with headbands to capture their movements.

Les résultats de l’étude, on voit que le public bouge 12% de plus en moyenne avec les VLF

The results

From the study on the effect of very low frequency sounds, the following can be concluded:

  • Very low frequency sounds can make the music more lively
  • The audience felt more energised, the audience tended to move and dance more.

These findings confirm what we already know… so it’s important to master the basics and think about the objectives from the start!

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There are more and more sound systems, and they look the same…

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For this, it is essential to be helped by professionals who can accompany you in every step of the design, taking into account all the details that will allow you to have a perfect sound that will sublimate the songs played, allowing you to move the audience and transport them into an unforgettable musical atmosphere.

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