Since a few years, I am thinking a lot about the future of our world and our societies, on what do to and how to change the system or build a new one. Sometimes, I did not see the interest of doing all this. After many years spent to design, build, transport and maintain our sound-system, I nearly lost the desire to continue this great adventure.

With hindsight, it is a unique experience that allowed me and thousands of people, that we’ve met on the roads, to live these physical connection moments, specially via the bass & the vibes. All these dances souvenirs are just unforgettable and opened me to new cultural, musical and technical horizons, made me meet wonderful people almost everywhere in Europe, and moreover allowed to experiment.

The sound-system culture (and the associated musical creation, often dub), forms a real musical laboratory, which in addition to crystallizing a part of human creativity, maintains (somehow) political claims and committments in the message from the start!

I was very lucky to grow in a period where Internet was developping very fastly. Even if we always find a way to learn and share information, we must say that at the time of the first sound-systems, it was very complicated. I imagine that much of the information used to be spread orally.

The traditions and others building secrets or obscure equipment references would be hard to find even today on internet. There are also written knowledge, in dedicated books, besides there are many books on the history of sound-systems, audio equipments and techniques or electronics.

Internet is really interesting for its ability to spread information very quickly (for the best and for the worst), it is partly thanks to this that I learned so much on music making, C.A.M., Dub, electronics design and repair, sound-systems in general or in the reggae culture.

I think that the sound-system is a unique way of entertaining and communicate, and that it can really help to build a better world if we keep a popular claim, emancipation, liberation and solidarity message. The aim of this blog is to concentrate a maximum of knowledge on all these subjects in a written (and preferably multilingual) format, so that it can be used as a reference to everyone who wants to start into the great adventure of sound-system !